About Us;

Serpents staff

After 7 years intensive research delving into the shadier and frequently ignored areas of math,sacred geometry and Qabala, we, (that is myself and my long-suffering partner, Rosalind),decided it was time we threw out all of the material we had amassed into the public domain in order to try and provoke some kind of debate on these arcane and oft ignored issues.

The main of the personal insights presented here have been drawn from our adventures in mathematics,sacred geometry and classical philosophy and do occasionally touch upon the work of Marko Rodin’s vortex math and Peter Plichta’s book on the prime number cross
Occasional forays into Masonic symbolism and world mythologies also facilitated the learning curve and provided some kind of obscure illumination within our subsequent ruminations.

The articles I/we intend to be featuring on this blog should in no wise be regarded as being anything like definitive,but rather should be treated as a reflection of our personal journeys though the labyrinthine windings of this fascinating subject matter.
Hopefully by sharing our own insights it might encourage someone else to maybe pick up and run with this material and expand these understandings onto a higher level.

Comments are always appreciated!



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